Jack Newman

Jack Newman

When and why you began parkour:
Jack began Parkour around 2012 after originally seeing a few films and TV adverts with Parkour featured in them. Jack also came across several Parkour videos on YouTube and that’s what really motivated him to try it.

When and why you began coaching:
Jack began coaching because he enjoys helping other people in their progress. Parkour is a discipline where everyone helps each other to learn and Jack’s passion for coaching developed from that aspect of training. Jack began coaching for Train Hard in early 2015.

Where do you coach?
Bournemouth: Beaufort Community Centre

Future ambitions:
Jack’s ambitions are to continue to progress his own physical ability in Parkour and reach his full potential in the discipline. He also wants to continue coaching and work towards the Level 2 Parkour Coaching qualification when he turns 18. Jack is also keen to explore the career of stunt performer and has set the wheels in motion in order to make this a reality. Watch this space!