Meet The Team

Our Coaches

Scott Jackson

Scott has been practising parkour since 2006 and has been coaching in some capacity since 2008. He is the Director of Train Hard Parkour which is based in Bournemouth/Poole and is the owner of The Parkour Project: a purpose-built parkour facility. Scott also qualified as a Chiropractor in 2015 and hopes to open a Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinic in the future.

Scott is passionate about helping people of all ages to be better able to move their bodies and overcome their perceived limitations!

Viv Jackson

Viv started parkour in 2011 when she first met Scott. She would join his classes at Pavilion Dance when she came to visit him in Bournemouth. After a few sessions, Viv realised how fun it was and found herself doing things to make herself stronger to become better at it.

Before discovering parkour, Viv was a cheerleader in London and, later on, became a cheerleading coach. In 2012, Viv moved to Bournemouth and started coaching parkour at The Parkour Project shortly after it was built in October 2014. She started coaching as she truly enjoyed helping others to achieve their potential. Viv has always found coaching to be the most rewarding job she’s ever had.

Phoebe Harley

Phoebe started attending The Parkour Project as a student in 2017 and has been passionate about practicing parkour since!

She loves that parkour challenges people to push their limits and grow in physical and mental strength. She also loves the freedom and creativity within the sport.

Phoebe became a coach to help others improve their confidence in themselves and their movement.

Harry Hannaford

Harry began training Parkour in 2015 when he attended a session at Beaufort Community Centre in Bournemouth with Scott and Viv Jackson. He instantly realised how much he loved parkour due to the sense of freedom it brought as well as the feeling of accomplishment after pushing through mental and physical barriers.

He continued going to various classes and after a few years Harry was put into Train Hard's Mentorship Programme in order to gain coaching skills and experience. On top of this, he began voluntarily coaching at the Twynham Primary School classes for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and after completing the 3 months, continued to regularly assist sessions to gain experience and confidence.

Harry coaches because he enjoys helping others achieve their potential and push themselves, just like previous coaches did for him.

Oliver Martin

Oliver started practising parkour in 2015 and started coaching for Train Hard Parkour in 2021. He has an interest in cars and hopes to do an apprenticeship in engineering to go into automotive engineering.

Oliver began his coaching journey because he enjoys helping others improve their abilities and complete challenges within parkour.

Luke Stones2

Luke Stones

Luke is a Parkour enthusiast from Poole. Luke started training parkour back in 2012 when he saw Scott and some local athletes doing a performance in Bournemouth Square to advertise the newly-starting Pavilion Dance parkour sessions. Luke loves parkour for the community values and the feeling of having almost a second family. He also loves parkour for the simplicity of the sport.


Travis Verkaik

Travis is a Parkour enthusiast from Dorchester. He is known throughout the world for his incredible parkour abilty and has done some of the world's first movements!

16936134_1287174934706033_1448490091_oMax Barker

Max is a Parkour enthusiast from Bournemouth. He started Parkour in 2012 after a friend took him to a coached Train Hard Parkour session in Bournemouth. Max absolutely loved that session and started going regularly. Max enjoys Parkour and the feeling that there are no limitations; it’s just you, your environment, and your progression.


Ellis Keates


Ellis began coaching about 3 years into his training career. Ellis always found that he was giving little helpful tips to others when out training and really enjoyed the feeling of helping others if they ever struggled with moving. This is the main reason Ellis is involved with coaching as he truly loves helping students to become more confident within themselves as well as their movement. Ellis started working as a voluntary assistant when Scott saw him as a hard-working, knowledgeable and capable student of his own. After working as a voluntary assistant coach for a couple of years and learning important skills, Ellis was brought on as an integral part of the Train Hard coaching team.


All of our coaches are Parkour UK qualified; Emergency First Aid at Work qualified; Safeguarding and Protecting Children trained; and Enhanced DBS checked.