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A Train Hard parkour training session may just look like a group of people running, jumping and climbing. Physically, it may even look like any other fitness session that is attended every week with the goal of keeping the body healthy and looking good, but a Train Hard session consists of more than just an hour or two of physical activity.

In our training sessions, we take inspiration from the founders of the discipline, in that we view training as training for life.

We believe the development of a strong and capable body forms part of a foundation that enables a person to build a happy and useful life. By creating a strong body through parkour, a person becomes physically prepared for the challenges that life will throw at them. This may come in the form of lifting heavy objects safely when moving house, climbing through a window because you’ve locked yourself out or playing and continuing to play alongside your children as they develop.

A Train Hard session is designed to increase a person’s physical ability through the acquisition of skills as well as exercises and challenges that will increase a person’s strength and endurance. However, for Train Hard, the physical side of parkour is only one aspect and we believe that in order to truly embrace the parkour journey, the mental, philosophical and physical aspects must be focused on in equal measure.

We believe that the physical challenges that parkour poses help to forge confidence in oneself and promote a positive mental attitude. As well as giving a person the physical potential described above, parkour training instils the mental attributes of hard work, perseverance and self-control that can then be carried over into other areas of life.

We see parkour as a force for good. Parkour has the ability to increase a person’s physical condition and through this physical training a mental habit is formed that winds itself into the fabric of their life. We hope that along with this mental habit, Train Hard are also able to create an atmosphere that promotes:

  • Freedom

  • Personal responsibility

  • Adaptability

  • Perseverance

  • Humility

  • Unyielding spirit in the face of challenge and adversity

We do not give any credence to the misappropriation of our sovereign sport by the International Federation of Gymnastics and we do not acknowledge Parkour as the 8th discipline of gymnastics.

We stand united with the true Parkour community against those who would seek to usurp the discipline for their own monetary gain and dwindling numbers. We teach Parkour in its traditional form as outlined above.

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