Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson

When and why you began parkour:

Scott began parkour back in 2006 after his brother introduced him to it for a school media project. At the time, Scott was a national-level trampolinist and was gradually losing the passion for the sport due to its competitive nature. After training with his brother for a couple of months, Scott decided to make the decision to quit trampolining and do something that he found more enjoyable and that didn’t have the unhealthy competitive aspect he’d previously been exposed to. Scott’s been training parkour ever since!

When and why you began coaching:

Scott began coaching in Bournemouth back in 2009 for a local youth centre. As Scott’s own ability improved, people put him in the position of “coach”. Scott found that he naturally offered advice to those he was training with and gradually more people were approaching him in need of this coaching advice. Scott soon began coaching at multiple venues and, in 2014, Scott and Jackson began to forge an alliance that would eventually become Train Hard Parkour as we know it today. Scott wants the upcoming generations of practitioners to be grounded in the ethos of parkour and wants to make sure that they are going to be able to train in a way that promotes safety and longevity.

Where do you coach?

Bournemouth: Beaufort Community Centre
Poole: The Parkour Project

Future ambitions:

Scott is a Doctor of Chiropractic and hopes to continue his parkour coaching career alongside setting up a successful Upper Cervical Chiropractic practice

Anything you’d like to add:

Scott is currently England’s home country representative director for the governing body, Parkour UK.

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