Vivien Mendoza

Vivien Mendoza

When and why did you begin parkour?:
Viv started parkour in 2011 when she first met Scott. She would join his classes at Pavilion Dance when she came to visit him in Bournemouth. After a few sessions, Viv realised how fun it was and found herself doing things to make herself stronger to become better at it.

When and why did begin coaching?:
Before discovering parkour, Viv was a cheerleader in London and, later on, became a cheerleading coach. In 2012, Viv moved to Bournemouth and started coaching parkour at The Parkour Project shortly after it was built in October 2014. She started coaching as she truly enjoyed helping others to achieve their potential. Viv has always found coaching to be the most rewarding job she’s ever had.

Where do you coach?
Beaufort Community Centre: Bournemouth
The Parkour Project: Poole

Future ambitions:
Viv hopes to be able to coach full-time for Train Hard and to continue to be part of its growing success. Viv also hopes to be a Chiropractic Assistant to Scott.

Anything you’d like to add?
Viv is also a qualified cheerleading coach.