Will Youngs

Will Youngs

When and why did you begin parkour?
Will began parkour some time in 2008 when he was 12 years old. It was purely as a fun activity to do with his friends. He started practicing parkour before he even knew what the term meant, as he and his friends would vault tables, fences and generally jump from one object to another.

When and why did you begin coaching?
Will was one of the first to join and train with Jackson at Dorchester YMCA. As the number of people joining began to grow, alongside Will’s parkour knowledge and ability, his assistance was needed to help out and coach.

Where do you coach?
Dorchester YMCA.

Future ambitions?
As parkour has been a constant form of exercise in Will’s life, a future ambition of his would be to keep his body at a good level of fitness. Will believes that by keeping a healthy body, one can keep a healthy mind.

Anything you’d like to add?
Will would like to add that he believes that parkour should never be given boundaries or rules. Parkour is for everyone and anyone who wishes to start without the elitism and snobbery that comes with many other sports. Will believes this is what makes parkour one of the best disciplines in the world (as well as many other factors).